Friday, February 17, 2012

3.5 miles Great time!

3.5 miles in 32mins 52secs last night with Jason.  We really pushed it the last mile so we could get our time up and hopefully help increase our overall average time.  I was freezing all day and all I really wanted to do was go home, build a fire and put my sweats on, but Jason talked me into running.  He's a good motivator!!  We tried a new run, mostly because it's dark out by the time we get home and get to run, so half of the run was along Hwy 99.  I actually like it, the sidewalk is bigger and it's much lighter and there is more to look at, but Jason doesn't really like running on Hwy 99, so we'll have to keep mixing it up and finding new routes.  The light is starting to be out longer each day, so soon we won't be running in the dark!  Looking forward to a fun filled weekend.  3 miles tomorrow and water aerobics hopefully on Sunday, sounds like the pool will be closed for a week, not sure if that starts Sunday or Monday.  We also have dinner plans with friends tomorrow and a concert to go to with friends Sunday and Monday is a holiday!  Wahoo.. TGIF everyone!

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