Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Run Last night...

Had 3 miles on the training schedule to do last night, and was set on 3 miles and that was it, but with the route we took, we had an extra half mile that I was dead set on walking.  Jason told me to just slow it down a little and finish out the run, so we did 3.5.  It actually felt good and I'm glad he was there to push me the extra distance.  I'm still dealing with a sore knee after about the two mile mark each time I run, but it's also getting a little less painful each time I run, so I think just taking it slow easy and following our training plan will really help condition my knee too!!  We have another 3.5 to run tonight, we will probably just do the same route!  Still trying to figure out my new Garmin.  I think I need a book called Garmin for dummies.  It's like a freaking computer on my arm!   Valentines Day was good for the family, the kiddos all had goodies out on the table in the morning to wake up too and Kenley wore her new outfit with a heart on her butt!!  We had heart shaped pizza and cookies for dinner..  All in all, a good day!

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