Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New to Blogging.  I am the mother of four amazing kiddos and am married to an amazing man.  I love my friends and family and have a great career.  My only downfall is I don't give myself enough time to do the things I love to do just for me.  One of those things is Running!  Last year I ran my first two half marathons and did awesome and truly fell in love with running.  However over the last year since those races, I have let myself get out of shape and let myself think that doing things for just me are not of great importance.  I was wrong and am ready to start doing something for myself again.  I am running the Bloomsday 12k in May in Spokane, Washington and put together a 12 week training plan that starts with 3 miles today.  I have kept running off and on and know I am easily able to run 3 miles at a 10 min pace.  So..... With that said, let the good times roll!!!

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