Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back At It This Week!

So, we went on a four day camping trip in the San Juan Islands with the kids.  It was really fun, we were with a new group of friends, about 50 people total and we had a great time.  The weather wasn't perfect, a lot of rain, but we made due.  We were able to get in a lot of swimming time and even some cliff jumping (which was my favorite!).  The kids hiked and Jason golfed and we had great food and good drinks..  All in all, it was awesome!  Although, not the best thing in the world for our training.  We tied up our laces and headed out last night for a quick 3 miler.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel, but ended up feeling great and was glad we got back out there.  My birthday is tomorrow and my lovely lady friends are taking me out to dinner tonight, so there will be no running tonight for me, but I really want to get at least another 3 in tomorrow!  I'll keep you posted..  Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine that finally decided to return to the great NW!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Short Quick Run Last Night - New Friends Too!

So I use to keep track of my miles and I LOVE that site.  The people are amazing and so supportive.  It has an awesome forum and I was able to post my blog and now have 3 followers!!  One of them is my mom, so I guess really only 2, but that's 2 more than I had two days ago. I was beginning to feel like I only post for myself!  So, I was supposed to log 4 miles, but did 2.5 on my own and was going to meet up with a friend for another two, but we had a mis communication and it didn't work out.  It was fine, it was warm out and I was tired and had to make dinner, get the baby bathed and wanted to do a little relaxing.  I'm glad I got out there at all.  Today should be a rest day, so maybe I'll do another quick 2 and make up for the missed miles from yesterday.  We are getting ready for a big 4 day camping trip with about 50 people in the San Juan Islands.  We leave Friday morning.  I'm excited, but a little nervous about how my almost 2 year old is going to do.  Wish us all luck!!!  Oh and happy Hump Day..  We made it to the half way point.  Yay!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10K Go Girl Trail Run!

So, Crazy me, I signed myself up to do a 10k+ trail run in Portland.  It was girls only, so I was on my own on this one since my running buddies are my hubby and my dad..  My sister, brother in law and daughter tagged along for moral support and it was so awesome to know they'd be cheering me on at the finish line.  This run was a toughy, but I LOVED it..  About 3-4 miles STRAIGHT up a mountain and then about 2.5 straight back down.  My hips have been feeling the pain of hitting the ground so hard on the back down part, but it was worth it..  The scenery was awesome, the runners were all great.  It was so fun to be a part of!!  Jason and I got back out there again for another 3 miles last night.  80 degree weather and my hips screaming at me the entire first mile.  They finally settled down and we settled into a good pace.  I really love running with my husband!!  It's a four day work week for me, then a four day weekend of camping in the sun in the San Jaun Islands with my family and a whole big group of new found friends.  Can't wait!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Middle of the Week!

I haven't been feeling the best lately and really struggle to find the energy after work to run.  Last night I headed to my parents with the baby after work to visit and go for a run with my dad.  I really love running with my dad.  We are so similar in how we run and the pace we run at, it's awesome to have him in my life and have him in such good shape!!  We did 3.1 miles at just over a 9 min mile and it felt awesome!  I could have kept going which is really helping me feel more ready for my 10k trail run coming up this Saturday!!  I'm doing it solo and it's my first trail run AND it's in Portland.  So, these are all new things to me and with my energy being so low lately, I really didn't feel like I was going to be ready, but last nights run showed me as long as I don't get crazy and try to push myself too hard, I think I'll do fine.  I'm prepared to do another 3 tonight at about the same pace, I'll let you know tomorrow how it went and if it happened at all..  I can do it!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Monday....

At least summer has finally found it's way to Seattle.  So nice to be able to spend some time out in the sunshine!  We had a really good weekend.  Went to watch the pro motocross races on Saturday and then Sunday the boys raced so I stayed home with Kenley and we just relaxed in the pool and sunshine all day.  I think everyone got a little more sunshine than we had planned on, because by 7pm pretty much everyone was ready for bed!!  Got a good 4 mile run in on Saturday and did plenty of walking around Saturday night.  All in all a pretty great weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th Of July 2012!!

Had a fantastic fouth of July this year.  We decided to stay home and do the Edmonds thing this year because the fourth was right in the middle of the week. Yuck!  We started the morning off doing the 5k fun run, then watched the parade.  Maddy and Kenley had a great time watching the parade.  It was so fun to see Kenley enjoying all of the music and people and chaos.  She's learning so much right now and finally has fun with everything.  I love watching life through her eyes!  Yesterday was supposed to be an ease 3 mile run, and I had a super busy night, but I got it in and did it in just under a 9min pace, which is a perfect easy pace for me I think.  Today will be a rest day and tomorrow will be at least a 5 miler!  I'm ready for it...  Next Saturday is the 10k trail run which I've never done, but am excited to participate in.  Loving the fact that summer finally decided to show up here in the Great Northwest, just wish I could spend more time outside enjoying it and less time sitting here in my office looking at a wall.  I guess I should just be thankful I have a job!!!  TGIF!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

After a stressful few weeks of family related stress, we were finally able to take a deep breath last night and take the first step in the right direction.  We are all blessed with such wonderful friends and family who have kept us all in their thoughts and prayers.. 
As far as running goes, my wonderful hubby doesn't believe I can run faster than an 8 minute mile, since I've never done it while running with him.  So.....  we set out last night to run at least 2 miles in under an 8 minute mile based on the fact that I did 2 miles last week without him in 15mins and 30secs..  We took off pretty fast and finished the first mile in 7mins 40secs, which I think set me up for failure.  We did finish the first two miles in 15mins 55seconds, but it was still slower than last week and I felt like I was going to die.. Not sure why, I don't know if he gets me all wigged out, or if I felt more exhausted because our plan was to do 3 miles (we did 2.75miles), but whatever the reason was, I ran the first two slower than last week and I almost died.  Not a good way to prove I did 2 miles in 15min 30secs, but I'm sure I'll get there soon enough, just have to keep at it.  I don't think I'll be able to cross train or run tonight, but we are starting our fourth off tomorrow with a fun 5k in downtown Edmonds followed by the parade!  Should be sunny and a great way to start off the holiday fun!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Relaxation!

I'll admit it, we took it easy this weekend..  I did a few leg workouts last weekend and couldn't walk all weekend.  I did do a track workout Saturday that included a 300 meter run and a 1.5 mile run, plus some sit ups and push ups, so at least I got one workout in..  Feeling rested and ready to get back to it today with a nice 3 mile run!  Happy Monday....  We get a day off in the middle!  Yay!