Thursday, July 12, 2012

Middle of the Week!

I haven't been feeling the best lately and really struggle to find the energy after work to run.  Last night I headed to my parents with the baby after work to visit and go for a run with my dad.  I really love running with my dad.  We are so similar in how we run and the pace we run at, it's awesome to have him in my life and have him in such good shape!!  We did 3.1 miles at just over a 9 min mile and it felt awesome!  I could have kept going which is really helping me feel more ready for my 10k trail run coming up this Saturday!!  I'm doing it solo and it's my first trail run AND it's in Portland.  So, these are all new things to me and with my energy being so low lately, I really didn't feel like I was going to be ready, but last nights run showed me as long as I don't get crazy and try to push myself too hard, I think I'll do fine.  I'm prepared to do another 3 tonight at about the same pace, I'll let you know tomorrow how it went and if it happened at all..  I can do it!

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