Friday, July 6, 2012

4th Of July 2012!!

Had a fantastic fouth of July this year.  We decided to stay home and do the Edmonds thing this year because the fourth was right in the middle of the week. Yuck!  We started the morning off doing the 5k fun run, then watched the parade.  Maddy and Kenley had a great time watching the parade.  It was so fun to see Kenley enjoying all of the music and people and chaos.  She's learning so much right now and finally has fun with everything.  I love watching life through her eyes!  Yesterday was supposed to be an ease 3 mile run, and I had a super busy night, but I got it in and did it in just under a 9min pace, which is a perfect easy pace for me I think.  Today will be a rest day and tomorrow will be at least a 5 miler!  I'm ready for it...  Next Saturday is the 10k trail run which I've never done, but am excited to participate in.  Loving the fact that summer finally decided to show up here in the Great Northwest, just wish I could spend more time outside enjoying it and less time sitting here in my office looking at a wall.  I guess I should just be thankful I have a job!!!  TGIF!

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