Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'll be honest with you all, I've been in a funk.  Getting myself motivated after a full day at work to do anything other than snuggle with my baby on the couch is taking much more effort than I think it should.  I don't really know what's going on with me, but whatever it is, I hope I snap out of it sooner rather than later.  As I type this now, I'm telling myself I have all of my running gear here at work and no reason to not go run before I pick up the babe from daycare, but if only I could find the energy and motivation to go out to the car, get my running gear and then put it on and run!  I won't tell a lie, I failed Juneathon last night by not doing anything at all.  I did make dinner, did some laundry, cleaned up the dinner dishes and kitchen and chased my baby around all night, so I must have gotten some exercise in there somewhere, but not enough to log anywhere, so I've failed Juneathon, but I can't let that get me down... I can run tonight, I will run tonight, I will feel better after, I will get out of this funk!!  The boys are off to go race motorcross tonight and I have plenty of time to get my run in before I go pick Kenley up...  So I'm going to do it!  Even if it's only 2 miles, I will get my run in!!! (I'll let you all know how it went tomorrow!)  Hope everyone is having a great day..  I'm having an AWESOME day....... I am a lucky person!

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