Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Weekend!

The past weekend was filled with some much needed family and Jason and me time.  We got a ton done around the house, played with the kids and had some time to enjoy each other.  I was so done with the week by 5pm on Friday night, I immediately went home, put on my pj's and poured myself a big glass of red wine.  I then decided the only thing that could go along with my fabulous evenin was an episode of Dawsons Creek, so of course I sat and watched that!  Jason went to play soccer Sunday morning, so after he got home, I took the babe and went to the kiddie section of the pool which she loved.  I had Jason pick her up and bring the big kids for open swim, so I swam some laps and got a workout in while they played!  It was a fabulous weekend, but even though it was somewhat layed back for us, today is feeling much less hectic than the weekend did.

Tonight Jason and I officially start our Marathon training!  We are going to run the Seattle Marathon in November and start our 22 week training program tonight.  I"m super excited and nervous and hope I have the heart and mind to train and do this like I need to do it!  Here goes nothing!

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