Thursday, June 28, 2012

Felt Good Yesterday!

Yesterday wasn't a running day, but I was feeling the need to get my shoes on and go for a run.  I decided I'd only do two miles because it wasn't an actualy running day.  I set out at a good pace and sped up too get a few sprints up and maybe increase my overall average speed.  I don't know what it was yesterday, but I felt GOOD and FAST.  I kept going at my sprint speed and slowed down a little at times.  I knew I was only doing two miles so I was able to really keep pusing and I ended up running the two miles in 15mins and 30 seconds..  That is a 7min 45second mile pace...  My fastest EVER by far.  I was pretty excited when I looked down at my watch!!  After I got home, my fabulous friend Julie was over, so we chatted, cooked some yummy healthy dinner, had some wine and watched some Sex And The City..  Lisa showed up about 8:30 and we talked until bedtime at 10pm... All in all a great day started with the river workout and ending with a great run.  I hope I feel the same motiviation tonight for our scheduled 3 miles!!! 

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