Friday, June 29, 2012

Movin Things Around A Bit this First Week!

Well, as many of you know, the schedule you put together for yourself looks so pretty and perfect on paper, but trying to get it to go so smoothly in life with kiddos is a whole differerent feat.  I was supposed to run 3 miles yesterday, but couldn't because Jason had a late meeting and there was no one home to watch the little one while I ran and she is not a cooperative running partner for longer than a mile, so.....  I decided to do a Cross Training day instead.  I completed two 10 minute leg workout videos on demand (which my legs DID feel, due to the fact I can hardly walk today), then I was going to try a 40 minute cardio video, but noticed the little one in her high chair starting to nod off.  It was only 7pm and if I had let her go to sleep, she would have been up and ready to go at 9pm, so I stopped my workout, got her up and into the bath tub and by the time we were done, daddy was home and it was play time and then book time and then bed time.  All I can say is I gave it a good effort and at least I got 20 minutes in!!!  I was going to do the 3 miles this morning, but couldn't get myself out of bed in time.  Mornings are not the best for me to workout due to the fact that when the alarm goes off, sleeping sounds so much more fabulous than getting up to workout.  We have a very busy evening, so I guess I can chalk it up to I'm doing the best I can with what I have to work with!  I did do an extra 2 miles Wednesday that weren't on the schedule, so really I'm only down 1 mile which I can make up this weekend and extend one of my weekend runs this weekend by 1 mile.  Such is the life of a MOM trying to train for something, it's so worth it though, just look at that little bug I have the blessing of holding in the above picture!!  My whole body is sore though due to the extra push ups I've added in this week, the river run which was new to me and the leg workout last night.  My body is saying HELLO muscles and I feel really good!!  TGIF everyone!

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