Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day

Had  a good day at work yesterday and Jason had a late meeting so I decided to get out for a short easy run in honor of National Running Day.  It's funny how when you tell yourself you aren't going to push to go fast and you are just out for a nice easy run, you actually get a pretty darn good time.  I have a 3 mile loop around my house I've been running quite often and the first two miles are easy and flat, but the last mile is almost ALL uphill, so it gets a little hard at the end.  Anyways, yesterday I was only going to do two at a really easy pace, but got out there and felt great, so finished up with my hilly thrid mile and actually had a pretty darn good time, just over 25 mins..  Same time I got the two days prior, however I was really pushing those days..  Another day down, lets see what I decided to do in the wind and rain tonight - have to get out there, but may be a one miler kind of day!  Happy Thursday!  Today's blog is pink in honor of Kenner's, she was pretty in pink this morning and looked so darn cute!

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