Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally Hit the Pavement!

Well, this has been a funky week for me in more ways than one.  I just haven't mentally or physically felt like myself.  Spent two days not feeling right because of a migraine and just haven't felt right since.  Did NOT want to go run yesterday, but got a little motivation from my hubby and set out to do 2 slow miles..  I could have done 3-4 after we got going, but Jason's calves and ankles were really hurting him, so we did just over 2.5 miles at about an 8min 30second pace.  Not bad for not really feeling into it and starting out nice, steady and slow.  I am looking forward to my run tonight with my lovely friend Christine, followed by a quick stop to watch Jackie play softball, then back to my house for some wine and Bachelorette since the guys will be off dirt bike riding!!!  Here's to a fun day and tomorrow being Friday!!!

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